The Accountant and The Artist

When Swedish furniture giant Ikea opened its first store in India, in Hyderabad to be specific, my friend and I just waited long enough for the euphoria to die down and then gave it a visit. The beauty of this store is, once you enter it, you can’t exit unless you pass through all the... Continue Reading →

When Autobiographies Beckoned

It just so happened that for last two years, over ninety percent of my leisurely reading has consisted of nothing else but autobiographies and memoirs. One can’t go wrong with an autobiography; novels, on the other hand, are risky, even the best seller ones. However great the reviews may be, one can’t always enjoy a... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Car for Mr. Saxena

Of all things Mr. Saxena hated about NOIDA, he hated NOIDA cops the most. For some unknown reason he always felt a rage arising inside him whenever he had to interact with tobacco chewing, smirk sporting, khaki clad specimen of a man that was a NOIDA cop. And he had to interact with the cops... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Matter of Heart

As a young and single gynecologist, I am the first one to be approached for night duty during the winter months of December and January. That night, call came around 2 am for a routine delivery case. The expectant mother was not under my consultation. Director of our hospital, Dr. Protima Sareen was the consultant.... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Lost or Gained

She didn’t take long to recognize the high pitched voice of Vimla, wife of a local farmer. “These boys have no shame. Why don’t you teachers tell them that they are not five anymore?” “What did these boys do to you this time Vimla?” The school Principal Mr. Khanduri asked pleadingly. “Well…you know well Khanduri... Continue Reading →

Did Aryans Invade India?

I am no historian, not even an amateur one, but I will stick my neck out and claim that “Aryans invaded India”. If I may borrow a sentence from Virginia Woolf, “I am going to develop in this article as fully and freely as I can the train of thought which led me to think... Continue Reading →

Short Story: An Evening in Holburn

Friday night was like any other night in London's Holburn area, where strip clubs vie with each other in proclaiming that the hottest girls of London have just landed there for that night only. Well built eastern European bouncers kept a sharp eye on drunk and horny group of male revelers while stamping their hand... Continue Reading →

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